One Coventry Plan Priorities

What is the One Coventry Plan?

Coventry City Council has had a Council Plan for many years.  

We are refreshing our Plan so that is it more focused on the needs and aspirations of our communities than ever before. We have listened to, and reflected upon, what people have been telling us and we have considered the key challenges facing our city.  

The Plan outlines how we will work with each other, our partners and our communities across the city to enable us to make the best possible impact on the lives of local people. 

How can you get involved? 

This is a real chance for you to get involved and have your say on the One Coventry Plan and make suggestions about how we can improve and your ideas on how we can deliver our revised priorities. 

We really want to hear from you!  

Please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts on how we can achieve our priorities and what success could look like. 

There will also be an opportunity to attend workshops where Council employees will be available to share more information and answer questions on our priorities. You can register your interest in attending a workshop at the end of this survey.  

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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One Coventry Plan Priorities

Our One Coventry Plan sets out a vision and priorities for the city, based on our commitments to the people of Coventry and the things that you have told us are most important.  

The Plan sets out our key priorities for the city, our measures of success and the role that we, our residents and partners will have in delivery. 

We will build on what we have already achieved, focusing on making further improvements and making even more of a significant impact across our priorities.

Our vision: One Coventry - working together to improve our city and the lives of those who live, work and study here. 

We will create: 

  • a city with a strong and resilient economy, where inclusive growth is promoted and delivered, businesses are enabled to innovate and grow and new local jobs are created.   


  • a city where our residents get the best possible start in life, experience good health and age well, in a city that embraces diversity, protects the most vulnerable and values its residents and communities. 


  • a city, that leads the way and invests in the green industrial revolution. Ensuring the well-being of our residents by embedding environmentally friendly behaviours and exploring opportunities to lessen the pressures caused by climate change. 

We will do this by being: 

  • a council with a strong and sustainable financial position, with resources and assets that are aligned with our priorities.  


  • a council that plays a key role as a civic leader, working in genuine partnership with local residents, communities and partners.